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Centurion Security and Safety Consults has a main stake in aviation security. It provides CONSULTANCY AND TRAINING in Aviation Security within and outside Nigeria. The Company’s Technical expertise has also been severally put at the disposal of the NCAA during the Pre- ICAO Audit Inspection in 2006 and 2008, and very recently with IATA.



Our vision is to be one of the top Nigerian Companies in Aviation Consultancy and related service.



Our mission is to create a friendly and conducive environment for our clients to operate and achieve optimum productivity.


Information Hub

Centurion Principal Consultant. Consulting and providing Technical Assistance with IATA for the Improvement of AVSEC in 7 East/ South African countries sponsored by EU. 2013 - 2015


Our training partner Green Light Ltd based in the UK is world Business Partner of Airport Council International and a member of IATA. The Company was the former publisher of the Aviation Security International Journal. Together we have conducted Hijack Management Training and Disruptive Passenger Management Exercises for some Nigeria Airlines, Cabin and Technical Crew.



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           299, Ikorodu Road

           2nd Floor, Olatunji House

           Idi-roko, Maryland, Lagos


Our Expertise
Airport/Aviation security Awareness & Screening Techniques Training.

This is an introductory course on screening technique that can either be tailored to meet the needs of new employees at the security units or organized as an informative programme for non – security staff who need to understand screening process.

The Objective of this training programme is to prepare new staff for the challenges in the airport environment in order to make them security conscious and alert. It will also prepare the staff to meet some of the requirements of the National Civil Aviation Security Programme. The course is designed to examine the traditional techniques of passenger and baggage screening process. These techniques also include ways in which technology can enhance the security infrastructure. We emphasis the importance of “Common Sense Security” by looking at the limitation of each security technology and also give considerable attention to human factors through an examination of passenger behavioural analysis.

The second session focus on baggage search procedures, training participants to identify objects ranging from weapons to improvised explosive devices and narcotics to hazardous goods. Participant will be required to actively participate in body and bag searches during the course.


Current and Past Clients
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